15 October 2020

Public sector tenders aren’t just for large, multi million-pound companies. They are for UK companies of all sizes wanting to expand their business by winning a local government tender. And the range of industries, companies and services being sought by local government contracts is great: agriculture, construction, energy and transport are just some of the […]

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A Brief Word about Types of Tender

3 June 2020

The first in a series of posts guiding you through the Tendering Process. The two key types of tender are: Public sector tenders — these are usually extremely standardized and include selection processes and invitations to tender. You or your company will need to be shortlisted before submitting a bid. You can search for public […]

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Pre-Qualification Meeting

2 June 2020

In my first post I gave an overview of the tendering process. In this article I take a more in-depth look at the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, also referred to as PQQ or Pre-Qual. If you are new to tendering, you may not be familiar with the concept of the PQQ. It is a document that gives […]

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Tender Briefing Meetings

31 May 2020

Sometimes, but not always, the tendering process involves pre-tender meetings. In blog three I covered Invitation to Tender (ITT), and it is after this has been issued that bidders are invited to a tender briefing. You will be allowed to ask questions and there may be an opportunity to visit the site (if a site […]

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