Private Sector Contracts Tendering

11 November 2020

The private sector offers a different tendering experience from the public sector. With less legislation and rules binding the private sector process, their requirements from potential partners can be more diverse. This may in fact be an opportunity for an SME to shine if it can promote itself as a viable solution to a company’s […]

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Public Sector Contracts Tendering

The public sector refers to the group of organisations that are mostly funded through taxation which supply services to the public that are free or subsidised. Traditionally you may think of the public sector as being defense, the NHS or central government. There are more varied organisation than you think. The sector runs from Government […]

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15 October 2020

Public sector tenders aren’t just for large, multi million-pound companies. They are for UK companies of all sizes wanting to expand their business by winning a local government tender. And the range of industries, companies and services being sought by local government contracts is great: agriculture, construction, energy and transport are just some of the […]

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