Public Sector Contracts Tendering business analysis

11 November 2020

The public sector refers to the group of organisations that are mostly funded through taxation which supply services to the public that are free or subsidised.

Traditionally you may think of the public sector as being defense, the NHS or central government. There are more varied organisation than you think. The sector runs from Government Departments to county councils, hospital trusts, the courts, fire services etc. However here are many more types of organisations that are smaller: local councils, educational establishments or a local library for example.

In terms of tender opportunities, the potential size of these commitments on your business may put you off, especially if you are submitting from an SME. But local government tenders for example aren’t all multi-million-pound sizes and the Government is committed to awarding more and more contacts to SMEs.

The requirements from a public sector contract tender are usually highly structured and often more complicated than private sector contact tenders. Whilst it’s the same for private contacts tendering, public sector requirements must be followed to the letter. But if you are confused by a stipulation or question in a tender you can always ask for clarification. And once you have completed one, you have the experience to go on to your next application.

A common misconception is that the only thing public sector and government contracts are concerned with is the lowest price. This is not the case: if you can offer an innovative solution to their issue and represent value for money in doing so, you have a great chance of winning a public sector contract.

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