Who is TENDERBASE For? business analysis

15 October 2020

Public sector tenders aren’t just for large, multi million-pound companies. They are for UK companies of all sizes wanting to expand their business by winning a local government tender.

And the range of industries, companies and services being sought by local government contracts is great: agriculture, construction, energy and transport are just some of the popular sectors for government contracts. In addition, the tender opportunities for businesses range from business services such as legal services, marketing and printing to industrial machinery supply to drilling services for the oil industry. And these tenders cover the whole country.


Companies able to devote some resources to acquiring new business

We recommend that your company should be ready and able to commit a certain amount of time and staff to constructing a winning tender for a public sector contact.

The application process may take place over a time scale of days, weeks or months. And remember you might very well be asked to attend further meetings or complete further paperwork. For the investment in resources a single tender represents, it might be better to see this process not as a one-off experience but as a long-term commitment to opening up public sector contracts as a new stream for new business. That means committing to applying to a number of tenders, from a contract finder like Tenderbase, depending on the opportunities available.


Companies of different sizes

Tenderbase is for UK companies of all sizes. Your busines development may be driven by a single person such as the Managing Director. Or it may be managed by a Sales Director and a sales team. Or your company may acquire leads through outbound and inbound marketing campaigns. Any of these types of company could make use of Tenderbase to get new business.

Tenderbase is a service designed for businesses that want to bid for the best tenders published for their specific niche expertise but may not have the resources to scan multiple sources online.

As a major contracts finder service in the UK, Tenderbase is used by staff involved in business development at all levels of a company, essentially as a primary source of lead opportunities. We’re a valuable resource for anyone whose responsibility includes growing a company, increasing turnover or seeking new markets.


Companies looking for growth

Tenderbase’s database of UK local government contracts covers all regions of the UK. We also cover many sectors of industry including transport, manufacturing, construction, energy and agriculture.

A key barrier for growth for a company is in finding new lead opportunities. Tenderbase is a read-for-you source of leads that could lead to a dynamic growth in customers and turnover.

Whilst you apply for your first successful tender, take a look at your company and decide if you are able to handle the increase in business that a tender would offer? The application process for a tender allows staff to review the company’s capabilities in depth and can lead to internal restructuring that benefits both your current customers as well as new ones.