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Regardless of if you are bidding for the first time or you are experienced in UK Government tender works bid, we will aid you in the best way. We will be saving your precious business time and lowering all labour expenses. We will also be increasing your opportunities for growth.

Get documents, fast and secure

Get hold of your tender documents very quickly but without any hassle through safe and secured download.

Possible competitors

We believe in staying one step ahead of our competitors. So we identify the ones who are bidding. This information aids us in taking better decisions and increasing the opportunities of winning tenders.

Buyer behaviour analysis

We analyse behaviour of all buyers to help in planning strategies in the upcoming days.

Request for tender summery

As per our customer request we offer complete summary of tender that includes important dates such as deadline and other vital dates of tender along with prices and their outcomes.

Assign tender to your team

Control how your team will work. Assign tenders and work with ease and efficiency.

Ask experts about the tender

You can get help of experienced professionals who have a good knowledge in this field. Thus you will be able to find out more potential buyers and work better.

My matching tender lists

Personalise the search panel on the basis of your profile settings. It will give you total control on how you will search, thus providing a smooth hassle-free experience.

Automate your search tool

Use search tool that is automated. With this unique tool, you will get hold of the best tender and thus make great business decisions.

Personalize dashboard according to your need

We ensure that our customers get access to all latest and updated tenders of public sector that perfectly match their industry. As a result the process is boosted and they are provided the possibility of acquiring more business.

What We Do


Identify Tenders

Using innovative searching tools, we`ll identify public sector tenders based on your profile and send to your inbox on your preffered day and time.


insights Analysis

Discover up to date business details of UK and ROI govt buyers.
Find the possible business competitors along with their profile for each tender, so you can make the best decision to apply for any tender.


Receive documents securely and quickly

Express all your interest in any tender opportunity. You do not have to sign up to any other portal. But you will receive all documents. We have more than 2000+ options.


Bid Support

From bid writing to tender summary details, we have experienced support team who can help for any question about any tender.


Personalized Dashboard According to your need

We make sure that you can access the latest public sector tenders that fit your industry. This helps to speed up the process, giving you the potential to get more business.

Why Choose Tenderbase

Tailored Email Alerts

Tender email alerts sent at a time that works for you. Managing alerts ensures that you receive the information you need when you need it.

Personalised Search

The search panel can be personalised based on your profile settings. This gives you complete control of how you search, delivering a streamlined experience.

Possible Bidding Competitors

Get ahead of competitors by identifying who is bidding. With this information, you can make better decisions and increase your chances of winning tenders.

Ask To Export

You can ask for any help from our experts. You can opt for ask for help, tender request and many more.

Request for tender summary

As per our customer request we offer complete summary of tender that includes important dates such as deadline and other vital dates of tender along with prices and their outcomes.

No Payment Commitment

A simple monthly contract means you can cancel at any time. Pay for what you need such as specific business categories or locations. This guarantees that you won’t pay any more than you have to.

Team Email Alert

Tender email alerts can be sent to your entire team or individuals. You’re in control of how your team works and how they receive the latest emails.

Add Unlimited Users

Add team members, improving group collaboration without paying more. It’s an easy way to manage bids and bring your team members into the process with ease and efficiency.

Features that Lead Business

Conduct your business using the best features With our engrossing features you will get hold of some of the perfect matching business as per your requirement. We will assist you in selecting what will be best for you and your business.


Buyer Behaviour Analysis

Understanding the behaviour of buyers can help suppliers to create better strategies in the future. With our help, you can find out more about buyers, helping you to streamline strategies and plan more efficiently.

  • imagesDetailed buyer profile
  • imagesSave bidding fee
  • imagesDetailed business analysis report of buyers
  • imagesBuyer published tenders notifications

Competitor Tracking

Competitor insight is made possible using the supplier tracker tool. Using our unique tool, you’ll have the potential to identify what your competitors are doing. Based on this unique information, you’ll be able to make better business decisions.

  • imagesDetailed Competitor Profile
  • imagesView Contact Details
  • imagesDetailed Business Analysis Report Of Competitors
  • imagesInstant Notifications For Awarded Tenders

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People Are Saying About Us

Tenderbase has saved me such much time in the last couple of years. I can just get on with concentrating on what I do best and wait for the leads to drop in to my inobx

Steve J. - Printer

I was worried it would be a waste of money but I was totally wrong. We have won two tenders in the last 12 months which has brought in over £100k worth of business.

MD - Haulage Company

An invaluable service for what would take a lot of our time to carry out ourselves.

Adnan H. - Walkers Accounting
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