Tender Briefing Meetings

31 May 2020

Sometimes, but not always, the tendering process involves pre-tender meetings. In blog three I covered Invitation to Tender (ITT), and it is after this has been issued that bidders are invited to a tender briefing. You will be allowed to ask questions and there may be an opportunity to visit the site (if a site […]

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Shortlist Tender Presentations

30 May 2020

Some bidders are subject to further evaluation by means of a tender short-list presentation, or a question and answer session. This may be extended to visits to a bidder’s premises if you have not already done so. As the old saying goes fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Preparation is key to a successful tender […]

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Post Tender Negotiations

29 May 2020

Well done! You’ve worked hard, the tendering process is almost over and you can relax. But can you? What you might not be expecting is the call that invites you for post-tender negotiations. This means further discussions and potential adaptations to your ‘finalised’ offer. This will always take place prior to a contract being awarded […]

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