Cbrn And Hazmat Incident Support Services

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General Information

  • Title Cbrn And Hazmat Incident Support Services
  • Tenderbase Id 707200345
  • Tender Status
  • Category
    • Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
    • Sewage-, refuse-, cleaning-, and environmental services.
  • Region
    • UK

Tender CPV Codes and Classification

  • 71730000Industrial inspection services.
  • 71900000Laboratory services.
  • 90510000Refuse disposal and treatment.
  • 90520000Radioactive-, toxic-, medical- and hazardous waste services.
  • 90700000Environmental services.
  • 90710000Environmental management.
  • 90715100Chemicals and oil pollution investigation services.
  • 90715200Other pollution investigation services.
  • 90720000Environmental protection.
  • 90722200Environmental decontamination services.

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  • Publication Date 07 July 2020
  • Deadline Date 03 July 2021

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