DPS - Dynamic Supplier List: Asset Solutions

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General Information

  • Title DPS - Dynamic Supplier List: Asset Solutions
  • Tenderbase Id 1904190071
  • Tender Status
  • Category
    • Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products.
    • Mining, basic metals and related products.
    • Chemical products.
    • Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; Lighting.
    • Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.
    • Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation.
    • Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial machinery.
    • Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (excepts electric apparatus).
    • Construction work.
    • Software package and information systems.
    • Repair and maintenance services.
    • Installation services (except software).
    • Financial and insurance services.
    • Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
    • IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support.
    • Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services.
    • Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security.
    • Education and training services.
    • Sewage-, refuse-, cleaning-, and environmental services.
    • Other community, social and personal services.
  • Region
    • Any region
    • East of England
    • South East
    • East Midlands

Tender CPV Codes and Classification

  • 3419000Timber.
  • 14630000Slag, dross, ferrous waste and scrap.
  • 24963000Anti-corrosion products.
  • 31300000Insulated wire and cable.
  • 31680000Electrical supplies and accessories.
  • 33691000Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents.
  • 34922100Road markings.
  • 34926000Car park control equipment.
  • 39000000Furniture (incl. office furniture), furnishings, domestic appliances (excl. lighting) and cleaning products.
  • 42130000Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances.
  • 44100000Construction materials and associated items.
  • 44211000Prefabricated buildings.
  • 44212000Structural products and parts except prefabricated buildings.
  • 44411000Sanitary ware.
  • 44621200Boilers.
  • 44621220Central-heating boilers.
  • 44800000Paints, varnishes and mastics.
  • 45112720Landscaping work for sports grounds and recreational areas.
  • 45112723Landscaping work for playgrounds.
  • 45223800Assembly and erection of prefabricated structures.
  • 45223810Prefabricated constructions.
  • 45223820Prefabricated units and components.
  • 45223821Prefabricated units.
  • 45223822Prefabricated components.
  • 45232452Drainage works.
  • 45233220Surface work for roads.
  • 45233221Road-surface painting work.
  • 45233222Paving and asphalting works.
  • 45233223Carriageway resurfacing works.
  • 45233226Access road construction work.
  • 45233229Verge maintenance work.
  • 45233250Surfacing work except for roads.
  • 45233251Resurfacing works.
  • 45233252Surface work for streets.
  • 45233253Surface work for footpaths.
  • 45233270Parking-lot-surface painting work.
  • 45261210Roof-covering work.
  • 45261211Roof-tiling work.
  • 45261212Roof-slating work.
  • 45261213Metal roof-covering work.
  • 45261214Bituminous roof-covering work.
  • 45261410Roof insulation work.
  • 45261420Waterproofing work.
  • 45261910Roof repair.
  • 45261920Roof maintenance work.
  • 45262100Scaffolding work.
  • 45310000Electrical installation work.
  • 45320000Insulation work.
  • 45431200Wall-tiling work.
  • 45442200Application work of anti-corrosive coatings.
  • 45442210Galvanizing works.
  • 48000000Software package and information systems.
  • 50116100Electrical-system repair services.
  • 50710000Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations.
  • 51100000Installation services of electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • 66170000Financial consultancy, financial transaction processing and clearing-house services.
  • 71310000Consultative engineering and construction services.
  • 71600000Technical testing, analysis and consultancy services.
  • 72000000IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support.
  • 77211300Tree-clearing services.
  • 77211400Tree-cutting services.
  • 77211500Tree-maintenance services.
  • 77300000Horticultural services.
  • 79000000Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security.
  • 80000000Education and training services.
  • 90000000Sewage-, refuse-, cleaning-, and environmental services.
  • 98310000Washing and dry-cleaning services.
  • 98351100Car park services.

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  • Date Published 18 April 2019
  • Deadline Date 29 November 2025

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