Compliance Services & Associated Works Dynamic Purchasing System

Tender Summary

General Information

  • Title Compliance Services & Associated Works Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Tenderbase Id 1702190502
  • Tender Status
  • Category
    • Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; Lighting.
    • Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation.
    • Security, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment.
    • Industrial machinery.
    • Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (excepts electric apparatus).
    • Construction work.
    • Repair and maintenance services.
    • Installation services (except software).
    • Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services.
    • Administration, defence and social security services.
    • Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services.
    • Sewage-, refuse-, cleaning-, and environmental services.
  • Region
    • Any region

Tender CPV Codes and Classification

  • 31625100Fire-detection systems.
  • 31625200Fire-alarm systems.
  • 34928300Safety barriers.
  • 35110000Firefighting, rescue and safety equipment.
  • 35111400Fire escape equipment.
  • 35111500Fire suppression system.
  • 42122110Pumps for firefighting.
  • 42416100Lifts.
  • 42416110Bath lifts.
  • 42416120Goods lifts.
  • 42416130Mechanical lifts.
  • 42418220Chairlifts.
  • 42961100Access control system.
  • 44115600Stairlifts.
  • 44221220Fire doors.
  • 44221310Access gates.
  • 44480000Miscellaneous fire-protection equipment.
  • 45232430Water-treatment work.
  • 45233292Installation of safety equipment.
  • 45262660Asbestos-removal work.
  • 45300000Building installation work.
  • 45310000Electrical installation work.
  • 45312100Fire-alarm system installation work.
  • 45331100Central-heating installation work.
  • 45331110Boiler installation work.
  • 45340000Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work.
  • 45343000Fire-prevention installation works.
  • 45343100Fireproofing work.
  • 45343200Firefighting equipment installation work.
  • 45343210CO2 fire-extinguishing equipment installation work.
  • 45343220Fire-extinguishers installation work.
  • 50413200Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipment.
  • 50531100Repair and maintenance services of boilers.
  • 50700000Repair and maintenance services of building installations.
  • 50711000Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations.
  • 51700000Installation services of fire protection equipment.
  • 71313000Environmental engineering consultancy services.
  • 71334000Mechanical and electrical engineering services.
  • 75251110Fire-prevention services.
  • 77312000Weed-clearance services.
  • 77312100Weed-killing services.
  • 90650000Asbestos removal services.
  • 90743100Toxic substances monitoring services.

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  • Date Published 20 August 2019
  • Deadline Date 02 September 2023

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