Capital Works and Associated Services Dynamic Purchasing System

Tender Summary

General Information

  • Title Capital Works and Associated Services Dynamic Purchasing System
  • Tenderbase Id 1702190558
  • Tender Status
  • Category
    • Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy.
    • Industrial machinery.
    • Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (excepts electric apparatus).
    • Construction work.
  • Region
    • Any region

Tender CPV Codes and Classification

  • 9332000Solar installation.
  • 42160000Boiler installations.
  • 44613700Refuse skips.
  • 45211310Bathrooms construction work.
  • 45222110Waste disposal site construction work.
  • 45261200Roof-covering and roof-painting work.
  • 45261410Roof insulation work.
  • 45261920Roof maintenance work.
  • 45262100Scaffolding work.
  • 45300000Building installation work.
  • 45310000Electrical installation work.
  • 45311000Electrical wiring and fitting work.
  • 45315000Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment.
  • 45320000Insulation work.
  • 45321000Thermal insulation work.
  • 45330000Plumbing and sanitary works.
  • 45331100Central-heating installation work.
  • 45331110Boiler installation work.
  • 45332400Sanitary fixture installation work.
  • 45400000Building completion work.
  • 45420000Joinery and carpentry installation work.
  • 45421100Installation of doors and windows and related components.
  • 45421151Installation of fitted kitchens.
  • 45430000Floor and wall covering work.
  • 45440000Painting and glazing work.
  • 45442100Painting work.
  • 45443000Facade work.

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  • Date Published 15 October 2018
  • Deadline Date 05 August 2023

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